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Student survey on diversity

Background and objectives of the survey

In 2014, the Gender Equality and Diversity Unit with the support of CHE Consult carried out a student diversity survey commissioned by the Rectorate of the University of Vienna, in which around 19,000 degree programme students took part.

In a roughly 15-minute long anonymous online questionnaire, students were asked about the core dimensions of diversity (see Dimensions of diversity) as well as other topics related to studying at the University of Vienna.

Thanks to this survey, the University of Vienna now possesses a valuable data set which can provide information about the composition of the student population and their specific needs.

The development of measures and key themes

The Diversity working group, which was established under the leadership of Vice-Rector Faßmann and Vice-Rector Schnabl, has the objective of identifying possible areas of action with regard to the specific needs of students and to develop measures which are specific to the target groups. This will be carried out on the basis of the results of the student survey on diversity. The analysis of the data and the development of measures focuses on the students' social background (here this means the highest level of their parents' education) and their migration background (see Diversity working group/History).

Key findings

The key findings from the student survey can be downloaded here in a summarised form:

Background and key findings from the student survey on diversity of the University of Vienna (german PDF)

On 22 October 2014, the key findings from the survey were presented and discussed in the CTL lecture.


Video link: CTL lecture: key findings from the student survey on diversity at the University of Vienna

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